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LDH Proposes COVID Shot Mandates for All Students

Attorney General Jeff Landry Says Rule is Unlawful

BATON ROUGE, LA - Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry is firing back against the Governor’s Administration after John Bel Edwards’ Department of Health (LDH) proposed COVID-19 vaccination requirements for Louisiana’s students.

Attorney General Landry informed LDH of flaws in their proposed rule mandating all students attending kindergarten through twelfth grade receive the COVID-19 shot.

In a video released this week, Attorney General Landry called the proposed rule an “attempt to interfere with the healthcare choices of parents and their children.” He also categorized the Governor’s silence on this critical matter as effectively muzzling the voices of concerned parents, grandparents, and guardians.

Attorney General Landry then advised the Louisiana Legislature with ways they can act to defend their constituents from this government coercion.