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Biden’s Latest Attack on Gas Stoves Met with Opposition by Louisiana-led Coalition of Attorneys General

Louisiana, Tennessee AG’s Lead Multi-State Coalition Against Department of Energy Proposal

BATON ROUGE, LA - Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti led a 21-state coalition opposing proposed standards for conventional cooking products created by Joe Biden ’s Department of Energy (DOE). The proposed rule would regulate the types of stoves and ovens Americans use to cook. Among other things, it would make over half of the gas stoves currently on the market illegal.

“Despite all the spin from the White House proclaiming otherwise, this proposed rule leaves no doubt about it: the Biden Administration is indeed coming for your gas stoves,” said Louisiana Attorney General Landry. “This form is no different than the last; both are unlawful and unattainable green energy fantasies from a failed President.”

In a letter to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, the attorneys general noted that this new attempt “to micro-manage the lives of Americans” has little support. For example, DOE extensively and unlawfully uses purported social costs of carbon, methane, and nitrous oxide emissions to justify the proposed rule. The States pointed out that those numbers are the product not of data, but of arbitrary assumptions which - as here - can be set to justify any regulation. Further, DOE ignored the federalism implications of interfering with the States’ traditional authority to regulate consumer goods and the constitutional concerns of expanding DOE regulatory authority to even intrastate commerce.

Joining Attorneys General Landry and Skrmetti in this effort were the attorneys general from Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Virginia.