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In Major Censorship Case, Federal Judge Moves Class Action Attempts Forward

MONROE, LA – Ruling in favor of Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, Judge Terry Doughty of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana has granted a motion to amend the complaint to add class action allegations in Missouri and Louisiana v. Biden et al.

Louisiana, Missouri, and five private plaintiffs filed this lawsuit against the President and numerous high-ranking officials across multiple federal agencies in May 2022. The evidence uncovered through court-ordered discovery not only reveals a vast and sprawling government censorship enterprise involving social media giants that reaches to the highest levels of the White House; but also demonstrates that these government officials are colluding with and pressuring social media giants to suppress disfavored speech by thousands, if not millions, of Americans - in clear violation of the First Amendment.

“We are one step closer to enabling Americans censored by the federal government, in collusion with Big Tech, to become plaintiffs in our landmark lawsuit,” said Attorney General Landry. “Today’s court action will help plaintiffs represent all Americans who were harmed by this censorship enterprise.”